Internet of Things 4.0

Industrial aid to manage resources, yield, quality, safety, environment, and security.



  • Asset performance, tracking and smart logistics.
  • Detection from chemicals to vibrations (e.g Ozone, gas and temperature monitoring in industrial environments)
  • Safety and health (conditions) monitoring of workers.
  • Remote service, field service, remote maintenance and control use cases.


Passenger Routing Intelligent Network of Transportation

Urban Public Transport System aid with AI/ML based route scheduling generation adaptive to passenger usage pattern



  • Reduced Pollution
  • Energy efficiency
  • Effective route
  • Cost Optimization

Voice In Car Solutions

An AI/ML based Voice Biometry



  • Driver Assistance
  • Secure User Authentication
  • Customized User Selections in Car


Active Noise Cancellation

In Car active noise suppression



  • Low Noise dB performance
  • Signal & Noise Level Proximity
  • In Car & Ambient Noise

Live Audio Equaization

Automatic live audio equalization in car to compensate dynamic ambient audio

Vehicle Integrity Detection

Aid to determine vehicle integrity for spares reliability, diagnostics & maintenance.



  • Owner aid for Genuine Spares
  • Spares Replacement Warning
  • Multi point Vehicle Diagnostics

Image Analytics for Metrics Application

Real time object size measurement from image scan estimations.


  • Image Depth Estimation: object distance
  • Object dimension estimate from picture
  • Metrics precision


Drone - A Modern Farmer Friend

A low cost robust solution for agricultural assistance for farming, diagnostics, and surveillance etc.



  • Weather Forecast & Farming guidance

  • Seeding & Crop Health Monitoring

  • Field Surveillance

  • Water Conservation